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sundaisy said:
Apr 19 '12, 10:51PM

Good quiz

XD_doodler_XD said:
Mar 9 '09, 1:49AM

Hey! sounds like everyone wants more.
Thanks for commenting and part 2 will be out asap. and i already have the plot so i should have the quizess for it out really fast. considering this took only an hour and a half. ^.^

Mega_crazy said:
Mar 8 '09, 8:13PM

Zomg Alex I CALLL DIBS! But mary+me+chainsaw+me thrisy= Alex and me forever and ever

Toni said:
Mar 8 '09, 7:36PM

Cool quiz =D

mgirl60 said:
Mar 8 '09, 6:24PM

I ⥠Jacob! He's mine!!!! This quiz is great!! Can't wait for part 2!!

Xy624 said:
Mar 8 '09, 5:36PM

I LOVE Jessie

Afactor97 said:
Mar 8 '09, 5:18PM

this is an awsome quiz!

Alex sounds hot

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