Falling over Sideways

"Falling over Sideways" by Jordan Sonnenblick. Sonnenblick is also the author of "Drums girls and dangerous pie." If you want a quiz on the book "Falling over Sideways" you are in luck!

This quiz includes ten questions that are all multiple choice. You can take this quiz as many times until you get the grade you want! Good luck on the quiz!

Created by: allie
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3. Mrs. Selinsky, the science teacher,
Was also her alto sax teacher
Has a daughter who supposedly behaved perfectly in middle school
Took Claire's phone during the lockdown
All of the above
4. When Claire’s father has a stroke, he
Says nonsense words and phrases
Falls on the floor
Asks Claire to call 911
All of the above
5. When Claire’s dad comes home from the hospital,
He starts walking and talking with no problems
He always wants to drink water
He only wants to sleep
All of the above
6. Claire’s history project includes
A song about the Roman Empire
A song about the history of the alto sax
A song about how several explorers died
A song about the Trojan War
7. Claire and Mrs. Selinsky have an argument in class because
Walked out of class when she wasn't alowd
Mrs. Selinsky takes her phone away
Claire gets a text from her mom about her dad
All of the above
8. The students in Claire’s science group
Are all expelled
Are all suspended
Find out the truth about Mrs. Selinsky’s daughter
Are forced to apologies to Mrs. Selinsky
9. Claire finds out that Ryder has been mean to her all year because
Claire was ignoring him
He overheard Claire, Roshni, and Jennifer laugh at his band uniform
He thought he was a bad influence for Claire
All of the above
10. For the father-daughter dance recital, Claire
Dances with her and her friends dad
Dances with Matthew and with her dad
Doesn't go because her dad isn't healthy enough to attend
Dances with her friends
11. At the dance studio, Claire
Has not been promoted to the high school class
Is going to be in the same class with her friends
Likes being in ballet with younger dancers
All of the above
12. When Claire’s mom and brother get to the hospital, the first time,
They go directly in to see their father/husband
receives a call from Claire's school
Matthew gets nervous and Claire’s mom stays calm
All of the above

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