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There are many Evanescence Savvy people out there, but few true geniuses. Genius is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is an Evanescence genius? It is someone who has an extraordinarily clever understanding of the band and is able to answer the most comples of questions.

Are you the Evanescence genius? Do you have the intelligence to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to the Evanescence quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out.

Created by: The Geek
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1. Amy's Black Backpack is stuffed with...
Broken Dreams
Paper Flowers
Sweedish Meatballs!
2. Amy is a...
None of the above
3. According to Amy, the meaning behind the song "Lithium" is...
a metaphor
a drug
a past relationship
a recurring nightmare
4. Amy's apron was only...
15 cents
25 cents
50 cents
75 cents
5. When is Rocky Gray's Birthday?
December 13
March 10
October 9
June 28
July 2
6. In the early days, the band may have been called...
Childish Intentions
Black Sorrow
Deep wound
Heart of Shadows
7. Which is NOT an Evanescence song?
So Close
8. Which song has Evanescence NOT covered?
The Dolphins Cry
Fourth of July
Run Baby Run
9. Amy HAD a cat called...
10. "___________" is the campaign which Amy is the spokesperson for & brings to light Epilepsy.
Out of the darkenss
Out of the night
Out of the shadows
Out of the closet
11. Amy's Hair & Make-up and close friend is...
Shaun Morgan
Beth Wilson
Steph Wilson
Seth Wilson
12. Which of the following phrases contains the first word of EVERY Evanescence single (excluding Radio Singles) in chronological order (earliest to latest)?
How Now Don't Lithium I'm Perfect It's
Don't I'm Now Perfect Lithium It's How
How Now I'm Perfect Don't Lithium It's
How I'm Now Don't Perfect Lithium It's
13. In the Everybody's Fool Video, what does the caption say on the magazine which Amy tears up in her room?
How to look like someone important
Beautiful Lies
Perfect By nature, you can be too
Don't be yourself, be someone else
14. Three former members of Evanescence are...
Terry, Will, John
Tim, Ben, Will
Will, Ben, David
David, Ben, Terry
15. Amy Lee and "__________" presented an award together at the 2006 VMA'S
Jared Leto
Shaun Morgan
Billy Joe
Joel Madden
16. In 2005, Terry Balsamo suffered from a...
Heart Attack
Broken Arm
Broken wrist
17. The Song "Call Me When You're Sober" was written about...
Terry Balsamo
Ben Moody
Shaun Morgan
Beth Wilson
18. The short piece of music which contains a duck quacking is from which song/B-side
Together Again
Tuna Afternoon
The Quack Song
Duck Opera
19. Which Meatloaf song holds/held great importance for the band...
Bat Out of Hell
You Took the words right out of my mouth
I'd do anything for love
Rock and roll dreams come through
20. In which place in Little Rock, Arkansas did Evanescence sell out their first EP
21. When asked about an acting role in the film Narnia, Amy wanted to play a character which would
fight in war
fall in love
kill a lion
22. Which song is the longest serving Evanescence song? (i.e. the song which has been present on the most albums/EP's)
My Immortal
Bring Me To Life
23. Amy's Sister, Lori Lee, is in a band called
24. Terry Balsamo's former band was...
Stone Sour
Finger eleven
25. Which Evanescence song is credited as the first song ever written?
26. Which unreleased track was written for a local charity
See you soon

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