Elemental Dragon; Which Are you?

There are many types of dragons. Elemental are to name a few. These are the Dragon Of Fire, Dragon Of Ice, Dragon Of Air and Dragon Of Water. These dragons are like their element in many ways.

But which of these elemental dragons are you?! Are you A flamer, a aquatic one, a nature lover, a witty grey clouded person? Hmm....Take the Quiz, See how you rank, Comment and Rate!

Created by: UltimateShiverFan
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Hi there! Lets get to know a little bit about you. Then we'll see what Element of Dragon you are. Favorite Color?
Red, Gold, Yellow, Orange
Blue, Purple, Green
grey, teal, black
Green, Brown
4. Favorite Tv Show? [Out of these]
Hannah Montana
The Replacements
5. Favorite Outfit?
Jeans and a Tee.
Something dressy.
A bikini! [Or bathing suit for a guy]
Whatevers clean
6. Favorite Thing to Do?
Play Computer/Watch TV
Go swimming
Chat with friends
7. Favorite Animal? [Out of listed]
8. Okay. There were the favorite questions. Now. You're walking along, the day is nice, but not too hot, and you spot a deer in the wood. You are rather hungry, but it looks so peaceful.
...So? I'm hungry. Hello Lunch!
I cant...Its a deer... And its peaceful...I'll eat later. Spare the deer.
Hm... Well. Peaceful or not, I really have to eat. I'm sorry deer...
Deer? Yuck... I'm going to eat something else....
9. You pad through the forest still, after either eating or not. You see a pond, gleaming in the sun.
Oohh... How nicee...I think I'll watch the fish.
Ignore it and walk on.
Take a dip!
Admire its beauty.
10. You pad through the forest, continuing. You see a blazing fire, but its contained.
I should doubt it!!
Fire? In the Forest?! I'd better keep an eye on it...
ooh, Fire! Not that amazing, but beautiful
Eh. Who cares, it isnt hurting anyone.
11. pick one:
Clown Fish
12. Theres this cute guy/girl you like, and you really want them to know how you feel.
Just Tell them.
Slip them a note
Dont tell them no matter how much you want to.
Get one of his friends to set you up.
13. If you could choose which to be, what would it be?
14. Which type of book?
Collection of Short Stories
15. If you could make a wish, it would be: [Out of these]
Peace worldwide
That I would have all my desires.
That Global Warming would stop!!
Probally something I really wanted, or something that would be useful for everyone
16. The end of the quiz! What did you think?
Liked it, Nice job:)
Eh. You could do better! *Grumbles* But it was ok
Liked it. I guess.
Good Work! (:

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