Easy Horror Movie Quiz

How familiar are you with horror movies? Classic and new? Take my Horror Movie quiz and let's find out! Let us explore the classics and remakes as well as the new, and see what you know.

Are YOU a horror movie expert? Do you honestly believe you qualify for that title? See if you know horror movies. It's fun, give it a try and see what you can score!

Created by: Leslie of Leslie Lee Sanders
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1. What movie is the character Norman Bates in?
Child's Play
Nightmare on Elm Street
2. What black and white television series continues to play marathons on cable TV?
Tales from the Darkside
Twilight Zone
Tales from the Crypt
3. What movie does a burned madman come from the grave to kill with long sharp "claws"?
Edward Sissor Hands
The Grudge
A Nightmare on Elm Street
4. What movie does NOT allow the main characters to see into the future?
Secret Window
Butterfly Effect
The Jacket
Final Destination
5. What "Horror" movie did Johnny Depp NOT star in?
From Hell
Edward Scissor Hands
Sleepy Hollow
A Nightmare on Elm Street
6. What Horror movie did NOT have aliens involved in the plot?
The Forgotton
Darkness Falls
Fire in the Sky
7. What video game was NOT made into a horror movie?
Resident Evil
Silent Hill
8. Who wrote the book 'Misery', that has been turned into a movie?
Wes Craven
Stephen King
Dean Koontz
Stephen Spielberg
9. Which movie does NOT have an updated/recent remake?
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Amityville Horror
The Eye
10. What horror film's theme music is quite popular today, and is usually played with the low keys of a piano?
Tales From the Crypt

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