How will watching a horror movie effect you?

Out of all the films ever made, the horror genre is the most contravertial. Many people avoid watching scary movies because of the negative effects. A horror movie can effect how well you learn, react, deal with stress, and relate to others.

Are you a victim??? Find out through a series of 10 simple questions your life-coping skills. A scary movie can make you smarter, more social, or more vulnerable. This quiz will tell you what effect a horror movie has on you.

Created by: Alice of myspace
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3. You can see your parents/gaurdians as being:
Smart and cautious
4. When introduced to someone new, you:
Don't think they care about what you have to say, and blurt out the first thing that comes to mind.
Try to respect the person's background and experiences, testing their boundaries, keeping your cool,and collecting admiration.
Immediately begin numbering off your attributes, likes and dislikes, seeing what you have in common.
5. You developed a roll of film from pictures you took at the park. You:
Add them to your webpage so your family and friends can view them.
Pick out your favorites and frame them so you can appreciate the moments.
Create wallet-sized portraits of yourself and give them away.
6. The library is a place where people go to:
Research a topic that nobody else knows about.
Gather information on a particular subject.
Use resources to help them complete tasks.
7. You are invited to go watch a movie. You:
Accept the invitation and even pay for both tickets.
Refuse because you're not having a good hair day.
Are aware where the best theater is located and suggest a movie that is playing there.
8. You are at someone's house that you don't know. You hear a man and a woman fighting upstairs. You:
feel uncomfortable and panic. You want to leave.
find it amusing as you silently re-declare your vows to yourself.
ask if everything's okay. You bare with it until the situation subsides.
9. You are around some people who seem to be a bad influence. After refusing to get into a car with them, you are attacked. They grab your arm and pull out a knife. You:
Try to talk the attacker into letting you go.
Scream for help and hope the adrenaline kicks in.
Knock the knife out of the attacker's hand and bust out the window.
10. Being sick, being confused, being disliked. Of these three, which is the worst?
being sick.
being confused.
being disliked.
11. If you are told that you are prohibited from doing something you wanted to do, what would be your response?
Do it anyway. You make your own rules and accept the consequences for your actions.
Don't question it. It's better to be safe than sorry.
Look at your options and work around what's restricted.
12. You have a homework assignment due on pyramids and your partner didn't show up to complete it. You:
Finish the assignment yourself without taking full credit.
Explain to your teacher that your assignment is incomplete.
Ask for an extension.

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