does she have a crush on me (guys only)

this quiz is just a thing for guys to see if a girl is crushing on them so that they can tell the girl how they feel about them so that they can go out or just be plain old freinds or be both doesnt matter it just helps with boys dating problems

if you are a dude and need help finding out if that girl likes u this is the perfect quiz for you!!!!!!!!!

Created by: abbeyzero152

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. does she evr get red around u?
  2. does she evr look u in the eyes
  3. does she ever look nervous around u?
  4. does she evr talk to u?
  5. does she evr sit close to u at lunch?
  6. do you like her?
  7. does she evr talk to you or do u talk to her?
  8. do you think she likes u?
  9. do you have anything in common with her?
  10. do u want to find out ur answer?

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