Does He Like Me or Not?

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FloraFauna46 said:
May 29 '13, 11:14PM

Guess what? My crush was staring at me during a party for our grade, and I was soooooo happy despite my rather sucky day (will not go into depth).

FloraFauna46 said:
May 23 '13, 6:48AM

Thanks ange!

ange said:
May 23 '13, 3:06AM

He might like you :) Good luck hon!

FloraFauna46 said:
May 21 '13, 11:26PM

Fruitopia, ok, i'll try it. :)

Fruitopia583 said:
May 21 '13, 11:04PM

He 100% likes u honey, or so the quiz states...

Here's for u:

REVOLUTION!20 13 Post this on the next 7 quizes you do and I promise you that next time you meet your crush s/he will admit to having a crush on YOU!!!! This works trust me!!!!!!

Idk if that really will work but, it's always good to try, am I right?

FloraFauna46 said:
May 21 '13, 10:52PM

P.S. I did a little editing on the quiz fyi. :)

FloraFauna46 said:
May 21 '13, 10:42PM

Oh my gosh, thank you so much! Sports, you have a point there, but I just got my account yesterday and was afraid I'd mess something up with the scaling and all that stuff. However, I might make a 2.0 version or something. Idk...

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