Do you watch to much Criminal Minds?

you may be too addicted to criminal minds, the tv show, not literally. you know every episode and you can quote the funny lines. you rememer if a victim is saved or not and who the unsub is.

do you dream about murder? do you dream about the characters? you just might watch too much criminal minds. do you always think that someone is out to get you? well take the quiz and find out.

Created by: Hannah
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. When you see a cars headlights flickering and you walk past it and the car turns off, you react by....
running away very fast
just look at the car and think they are having troubles
get all sweaty and nervous
what car with flickering lights??
4. You have troubles breathing and you smell something odd, you...
think MASS SUICIDE!!!!!
i'm gonna be poisoned!!!
i'm just worn out from the hill i ran up
my lungs are full of smoke, cause i smoke too much
5. you're walking down the street at night and you hear blades, you...
run for your life!!!
maybe they're working on a project
that man has gotta dead body on his hands
am i hearing things?!
6. you're standing alone in a dark room, a really dark room and you hear someone talking from the air vent above you, you...
talk to them back
say hi
am i a schizophrenic?
freak out and call 911
7. you haven't seen your neighbor for a few weeks. you noticed that all the cars are there and some of the lights are on. and sometimes you hear moaning, you think...
there's been an ALIEN INVASION
some guy broke into their home and bound and gagged them
the couple there is home alone together and is getting their thing on
think something's gone wrong and they need help but don't do anything
8. i ran out of questions....
me too!!!
i'm bored
9. are you getting sick of the twelve question thing??
what does this have to do with criminal minds?
10. your computer crashed and a message comes across it, what do you do?
well, what's the message
freak out no matter what it says
get up and walk away
11. are you paranoid?
what's that?
12. do you think alot?
my head hurts

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