Do you Speak Texan?

Howdy Ya'll! Who knows how to speak Texan? Well, Texans 'course!!! But, take this quiz to see just how much Texan you really speak. Everyone's welcome, even yer run of the mill yankee! Yee-haw!

If you truly speak Texan, yer sure to find out today! This quiz shows who really a Texan...and those who just wish they were. It's like a whole nuther country...find out why!

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3. A gully-washer is...
A board used to wash clothes
A woman that enters a relationship to acquire all of a man's money
A bar that serves cheap beer in large quantities
A storm that produces an extraordinary amount of rain
4. "Jeez! That was a hissy fit If I ever seen one!". In this sentence a "hissy fit" is defined as...
A woman possessed by a possible evil spirit
A temper tantrum
A seizure
A public argument between two people
5. "I declare! You are full of P and V today!" P and V stands for...
Pride and Valor
Persistence and Vengeance
Piss and Vinegar
Pomp and Vanity
6. If you were to use proper Texan to describe an unnattractive woman, you would say...
ugly as a mud fence
ugly as homemade sin
like ugly on an ape
All of the Above
7. The term, "Like a one-legged man at a butt-kicking contest." can be meant to describe...
A very frustrated person
A very angry person
A very regretful person
A very awkward person
All of the Above
8. The term "You'll do to run the river with..." usually means...
You are very reliable
You are suitable enough for a specific task
You are very organized
You are very easily persuaded
9. "My, oh, my...that is a fine chester drawers you got there" usually is referring to
A very nice pair of underwear for any gender
An antique item
A piece of furniture usually used for clothing
Fine ladies undergarments
10. Which of these is a compliment...
You're big enough to hunt bear with a switch
You're all hat and cattle
You're as handy as hip pockets on a hog
You're like a gnat in a hail storm
11. This common Texan phrase "It's colder than_______"
a well-diggers rear end!
last winter, fer sure!
a wintery sky
12. Texas comes from the word tejas meaning friends or allies in what language?
Texan, by gawd!
13. "Don't Mess With Texas" is...
The name of a famous movie released in 1974
Dont Drink and Drive Campaign
A message to the federal government
Anti Littering Campaign
14. What is a "Texit"...
A euphamism for a polite way to leave a conversation or a room
Getting off the freeway during bad traffic illegally (grass)
A word used to describe a brazen or abrupt exit from a room
All of the above
15. In Texas, people like George Dubya Bush are usually referred to as...
an Un-native
a wannabe Texan
a Yankee
a transplant

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