Do you really love justin bieber

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some of ya are really smart and talent so i hope one day you get to met hin the way i did we talked for a very long time it was amazing the best day of my day

hey are you talent like justin bieber well i am but im not famouse but i want to become famouse one day like justin i just hope one day my wish would come true i want to get a chance to like go some were together well any ways yea

Created by: jaque of justin bieber true fans
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  1. how old is justin bieber
  2. whats his moms name
  3. what does he like in a girl
  4. what coler eyes dos jb like
  5. who sighed justin bieber
  6. who did justin bieber go out with on school gyrls
  7. does jb like brown eyes
  8. how old was justin bieber when he became famous
  9. what woul you do if he asked you out one day
  10. what if he asked you if you wanted to be in a music video whatwould you say

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Quiz topic: Do I really love justin bieber