Do you really like him/her?

So you think you really like this girl or guy, but you need to be a 100% sure! I've taken many quizzes with similar titles to the one my quiz has, and I've been sorely disappointed with the results! I hope this quiz won't be that way at all for anyone! Is it a good idea to ask them out? Should you start to make it more obvious that you like them?

Take this quiz to find out!!! With the help of this quiz, you'll know whether its meant to be or whether its time to move onto someone new! Hopefully by the end of this you'll feel like this quiz has really helped you! If not, I'm truly sorry, I have tried =)

Created by: Jinx of jinx's imaginary paradise
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1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You're at a party with all your friends, and you meet up with a group of guys/girls that include the person you think you like, what do you do?
Stare at them a lot and try to make eye-contact. Hopefully they'll approach you...
You immediately single them out to start a flirty conversation with them.
You glance at them occasionally to see if they're checking you out too. You'll approach them later if you're not too shy...
You totally ignore them, you're too scared of how much you like them to risk doing something wrong!
You note how they look and them move on to the other guys/girls in the group to see who you feel like talking to.
You don't really notice they are there because you're busy checking out their gorgeous friend who you've never met before..
4. You're standing in a quiet corner with the person you like, what do you do?
You're already great friends so you're probably joking around with a bit of flirting thrown in.
You're in the mood for some fun so you boldly make a move on them.
You stand away from them, in a awkward silence. You have nothing to say to them.
You take the chance to pluck up your courage and ask them out!
You quickly excuse yourself and go off to find someone else to talk to.
You are so nervous around them that you stutter, thats how much you like them.
5. The person you think you like phones you and asks you out, what do you say?
''Uh, well, can I have some time to think about it?''
*shocked silence* ''YES! definately! I'd love to...''
''Sorry, but I think I only like you as a friend. I don't want to ruin our friendship...''
''Um, NO.''
''Wow...yes...I think?''
*cough splutter stutter* ''...........YES!''
6. While walking through a park, a seriously hot guy/girl comes up to you and starts a flirty conversation. What do you do?
You talk politely to them but are preoccupied because the person you really like is on your mind...
You give them your full attention and flirt with them A LOT.
You immediately start to tell them about the AMAZING person you like...
You talk to them in a rather annoyed manner cause you were about to call and ask out the person you like.
You ask them to leave you alone because you were in the middle of a great daydream about the person you like.
Your conversation is interrupted by a text from the person you like, you promptly lose all interest in the hot guy/girl.
7. Your in class when you phone vibrates in your pocket, its the person you like calling you. What do you do?
You take a risk, duck under the desk and answer. You're too scared to risk them hanging up to wait to answer.
You calmly ask your teacher if you can go to the bathroom so that you can answer the call. Its not a big deal if you miss it..
You deliberately turn off your phone, you're trying to focus on your work.
You see who it is and decide to call back later. They'll understand.
You wonder how the hell they got your number?...
You deliberately ignore the call. You don't want to talk to them at that moment.
8. Do you like just them, or do you like someone/other people too?
Them and them alone!
I might like this other girl/guy too...
So many guys/girls to choose from, so little time.
I don't even know if I really like them!
There is one other person besides them but I think i'll choose them!
Well, their friend is kinda hot too...
9. How often do you think of the person you think you like?
They're on my mind most of the time...
Only when they're mentioned in a conversation.
When I see something that reminds me of them.
About once or twice a day.
Not at all.
10. Do you think they like you too?
Definately because they told me they do!
Yes, I think so but they haven't told me..
I think so?
I don't think so...
They've told me they don't like me!
I don't know
11. When you're talking to them, do you often run out of things to talk about?
NEVER! We never stop talking!...
About twice every time we talk
All the time! =(
No, we have things in common that we can talk about..
12. If you see another girl/guy flirting with the person you think you like, how do you feel?
JEALOUS LIKE MAD! I want to beat up the person flirting with them...
A little jealous but not much.
Quite jealous, but I can handle it.
Not at all jealous!
Oh, its fine! I'm flirting with someone else too!

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