Do You Read Enough

This reading testis to test you on skills that I think you might need one day if you're tested on these kind if books.I'm am pretty sure you will be,too!

Are YOU A GENIUS IN ALL LEVELS?YOU WON'T BE INTIL YOU'VE MASTERED THIS!Try it!It tests you on what bok you might be starting jusy today!If you do well today ,then I wish luck for tomrrow ,too!Good Luck!

Created by: Elizabeth
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1. Is there a book called Dummer Fudge by Beverly Cleary ?
Who's Beverly Cleary?
I don't read Beverly Cleary's books
I don't read a lot
I haven't gotten to that one yet
2. Were Clarice Bean books ever made into movies?
I'm reading other Lauren Child books.
I don't know who Clarice Bean is
3. Is Junie B. Jones a real book character?
I don't read Junie B. books
4. Is the book Don't Make Me Smile a real book by Barbara Park?
Never read it
Who is Barbara Park
5. Who does the lion stand for in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?
a tadpole
a wardrobe
a fish
6. What does the faun help Lucy do in the Lin the Wich and the Wardrobe
He takes her home instead of kidnapping her.
He kidaps her .
He took her to the witch's home right after he found her.
He goes and sings on Anerican Idol
7. Why do the 3 children and the lion meet?
the 2 beavers
a fish
The american idol judges
a talking stick
8. Where do the lion and the three children meet?
a cave behind a bush
the stone table
the 2 beavers' house
9. How do the faun and Lucy meet?
The children are playing tag at their own house.
The children picked Lucy to be it in tag
it was raining so they all went to go check ou Narnia
Lucy went to hide in the wardrobe but she thought it was an ordinary wardrobe
10. Is it always winter summer fall or spring in Narnia
I don't know
I haven't gotten to that one yet

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