Do You Party Like A Rockstar?

Like as the Shop Boyz says "Party Like a Rockstar". What is a Rockstar and how do I party like one? And how do I know if I am one? Very few people know how to tell if you are the Rockstar of the party. Very very few people know how to party like a complete Rockstar.

Are a Rockstar? Do you know how to start the party and keep it going? Or do you know absolutely nothing about parties? Well coming from a guy who not only is the life of the party but is the complete Rockstar of every party he's been to, is a quiz to tell you if you Party Like a Rockstar.

Created by: James of Trash Park
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1. What do you do at a party?
Drink like no other motherf*cker
Take Dares
Be the one making the music
All of the above
2. At your party, what music do you play?
Hip Hop
Whatever the guests want
3. Someone at the party doesn't like the music, what do you do about it?
Try to calm them down
Get in a fight
Tell them that you don't give a crap
Make an insulting remark about them
Igonre them
Give them what they want
4. There's a band playing at your party and they play an awesome show and make most of the crowd pumped up, there are mosh pits everywhere, what do you do?
Try to calm them down
Let them mosh, they're just having fun
Jump on stage and crowd surf
Shoot a pistol in the air and shut them up
Tell everyone to get out
Join in
5. People are drunk/high, they're are fights breaking out, what do you do?
Try to break it up
Get a bat and start hitting people
Grab a pistol and fire it in the air
Tell People to leave
Start throwing elbows
6. You are the band on stage, and everyone loves you and people are throwing food on stage, what do you do?
Eat some of it
Act like you slipped on it and fell
Kick it off the stage into someone's face
Leave it
Get off the stage and kick the crap out of whoever threw it
7. Once again you are the band, people are moshing, what do you go?
Try to tell them to stop
Get down there and stop them
Jump up and kick them in the face
Get the host to stop them
Keep playing
Let them mosh because your making the music they love and try to crowd surf
8. People love the food, but they start a food fight, what do you do?
Let them be
Try to stop it
9. You made someone upset and they tell you to jump off the 2-story balcony, what do you do?
Tell them "f*uck you"
Try to calm them down
Make the problem worse
Jump off just to scare them
10. The party is begining but everybody is there, nobody is talking or socializing, what do you do?
Stay quiet
Wait for someone else to start the conversation
Go to a corner and just sit there
Start the conversation yourself
11. Someone tells you that their friend likes you, what do you do?
Say that your not interested
Check to see if they're hot
Have their friend escort you to them
Go over and ask if it is true then start a conversation
12. Lets say your a guy. You see a girl in the darkest corner in the room crying, what do you do?
Ignore her
Go over and just sit next to her
Put your arms around her and try to make her laugh through small talk
Tell her to get up and let it go
13. There's someone being an outcast of the party, what do you do?
Make them feel like the outcast by taunting with small observable techniques
Go and beat them up
Go over to them and have them join your group

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