Are You a Party Girl?

There's a difference between having fun and going buckwild. Are you doing random body shots? Or are you just chilling quietly with one or two close friends? Are you hungover but ready for more in the morning, or are you as sober as you were at the party? Do you dance, do karaoke, or just chill?

Are you a party girl? Or do you keep it a little more low key. If you're acting out and acting inappropriately seductive then you're a party girl. Remember, it's possible to party without winding up with incriminating photos on Facebook.

Created by: Lady Tsunade
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Where would you normally be found at a party?
Dancing on a pole or a table, or otherwise entertaining large groups of people.
On the dance floor, or talking to a few people.
If I went at all, I would be near the refreshments table, talking to one or two close friends.
4. How many alcoholic drinks do you typically have at a social event?
5. Have you ever gone partying when you shouldn't have, like the night before a big presentation at work or a job interview or final exam?
Oops! That happened last night! ^_^U
Once, but I like to think I've learned from those mistakes.
6. What do you typically wear to a party?
My sexiest outfit, that doesn't leave much to the imagination. Even when it's 20 below.
Depends on the event. I make an effort, though, to look hot but still respectable.
A nice dress, or a conservative blouse and skirt.
7. You have a big job interview in the morning, and you're at a party or bar. A cute guy comes up to you, chats with you, and eventually invites you to an after-party. Do you accept?
Hell yeah! I'm gonna party 'til the sun comes up! And then party some more!
I'd tell him no, but thank him for inviting me. Maybe some other time.
Why would I be at a party the night before a job interview?
8. Be honest. Has your behavior while partying caused any problems for others or yourself? You know, like embarrassment or discomfort, a catfight, a breakup, a DUI, whatever?
More times than I care to admit. In fact, I might be seeing fewer invites as we speak...
Maybe once or twice, but I've been forgiven for it.
Not that I'm aware of.
9. You went out partying, and you are horribly hungover. You're supposed to be at work in an hour. But you feel like crap. Do you call in sick?
Yes...*turns green and runs to bathroom*
I'll go to work, but I make sure to take some painkillers, drink plenty of water, and make an effort to look better and be functional.
I wouldn't be that hungover in the first place.
10. Have you ever had a random hookup (regretted or otherwise) as a result of partying? head...@_@...! Who are YOU?!
Maybe once or twice.
11. How many drinks can you mix?
Many! In fact, I've invented a few!
A few.
Um, I can open a bottle...that's about it.
12. Last question! (Just pick one. It doesn't affect your score.)

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