Do you know your Pirates of The Caribbean quotes?

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ilyvolleyball said:
Apr 16 '12, 11:31PM

i only got 70% but i can sit down and watch any one of them and recite the whole movie

beepbeep said:
Dec 29 '11, 10:39AM

You know 0% of your PotC quotes!

Ooh, study up! But I'm sure you did better than some! Unless you got 0... Ok I'm sorry if you don't like your score! Please rate and comment!!

i actually watched all movies...

luvlolli said:
Oct 29 '11, 7:32PM

Pooh... I fot 78%... not bad but... Pooh I'v watched all of the movies FIVE times!!!

Lizy said:
Oct 3 '11, 11:37PM

I got 82 % not bad :D

Chey1369 said:
May 10 '11, 2:34AM

Yea! 75%

Lulu Mcstarpants said:
Apr 25 '10, 5:13AM

kwl 53% fun quiz!

I like music said:
Jan 23 '10, 10:11AM

42% *sigh* u_u

xxGreenDayxx said:
Jan 21 '10, 11:12PM

Awesome quiz! I got 98% hehe

IxXWolfieIXx said:
Jan 20 '10, 11:57PM

Yeah, my first quiz. I got 100 btw XD!

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