Do You Know Your Baltimore Catechism?

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marybethsaw said:
Mar 3 '16, 9:41PM

*Please* show answers so I know what I missed. 94. Rating was wrong I meant only 5 stars for not showing answers!!!

judygee said:
Oct 4 '15, 11:23AM

this quiz was insulting to the Catholic faith

Sue Sims said:
Oct 19 '14, 10:57AM

Slightly tricky for anyone outside the USA, since our Holidays of Obligation are different. (For instance, Good Friday isn't one.)

unafides said:
Jul 22 '12, 6:07PM

Ok I figured it out that your score is also based on your age! The highest you can get is a 98%, which I got. :-P Only way you can get it is if you say you're under 18. I originally said 21-30 and got points off. Yeesh. Ageist! Still enjoyed the quiz. Would have liked to have received my 100% though for answering all the questions correctly.

shepherdess said:
Jan 30 '12, 7:58PM

I got a 97%....but I looked back and do not understand which could possibly be wrong. Hmmmm....

WeezyC said:
Nov 19 '11, 11:38AM

I got a 94% it would be nice to know what question I missed. On the bright side, glad I did well since my husband and I teach 9-12 catechism and Confirmation classes.

joni said:
Jun 23 '11, 5:05PM

I received a 91% on the test. I enjoyed taking it because it brought back memories of my Catholic school upbringing. Only one complaint, no results showing what was missed.

pkkfzjn said:
Mar 9 '11, 6:43PM

I took the quiz and made a 92%, but I do not know which answers were wrong. How will I find out what I did wrong?
My name is Maria Mora and my email address is: [no emails]

wnnchs said:
Feb 15 '11, 4:34PM

The questions bring back parochial school memorizing. I thoroughly enjoyed those years! Wish I could go back to those days...... The test was great. It makes you remember what you learned and were taught about the Catholic Faith. That is the only thing I can truly count on my Catholic faith and the love of God!!!

kate1182 said:
Nov 8 '10, 9:12PM

This quiz was a lot of fun. I especially liked the options for the corporal acts of mercy: "to not look at the naked" lol.
Only complaint: I would have liked to see the answers afterward. Can't think which one I got wrong...

Marguerite said:
Oct 1 '10, 9:48AM

I want to see the Answer Key...

mercychaplet said:
Aug 20 '10, 9:17AM

Nice quiz, but I got a 91% and I'd like to know which one's I got wrong.

dannyiselin said:
Feb 21 '10, 11:42PM

I got a 95. Which one could I have gotten wrong?? Not a concern. I have been an evangelical Protestant for 43 years since the 10th grade when I heard the pure biblical gospel.

me3e3 said:
Feb 20 '10, 6:54PM

You are a 83% traditional Catholic!

Fantastic! You have achieved mastery over most of the important doctrines of the Catholic faith! How did you managage to educate yourself so well?
...yayy i got a good result=)

tkmenzie said:
Feb 20 '10, 8:05AM

The test is invalid since it does not tell you what you missed. Wonder why? Another great mystery of the church no doubt.

Borromeo said:
Feb 10 '10, 2:00AM

Fortunately, my daughter is using the Baltimore Catechism for her First Holy Communion preparation. Thanks to her, I got 94%. And thanks be to God, I returned to my Faith before her baptism, and we're lucky enough to be able to attend a Traditional Latin Mass ten minutes from our house.

bduck55 said:
Nov 30 '09, 2:02AM

My score 75%...I was raised on the Baltimore Catechism in the 60's....In high school went to public school and tossed my faith away for a while until 10 years ago I came back and it was like riding a bike, I never really forgot it... My dad was in the seminary for 5 years way back...He never said a word, but now I know he must have prayed long and hard for me. I wish he were here!

drtnotdoa72 said:
Aug 19 '09, 9:45PM

82% and raised Southern Baptist (although now a Methodist). go figure :)

gram said:
Apr 13 '09, 9:09PM

Where is the answer key?

gram said:
Apr 13 '09, 9:07PM

Where is the answer key?

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