Do you know the lyrics to all Michael Jackson's songs?

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gothicsuzanna said:
Mar 18 '16, 3:14PM

only 24 so mad love mj

yoDaddy said:
Mar 10 '16, 10:20AM

@ChristianB_ My crush died in the 1940s I tried your trick and her face popped up it was truly scary.

Don't try this at home kids

kk007 said:
Sep 27 '14, 11:04PM

i know mj, u roody poo candyass

Rayray_EO said:
Nov 29 '12, 12:54AM

I loved it!! I almost got perfect! :) but I do know a lot about MJ

Oct 6 '12, 12:43AM

This quiz sucked I know a lot o mj and I got 16 so this sucker needs to do a better quiz

antman said:
Mar 29 '10, 9:35AM

that quiz is peeps say i'm mj because i dance do the moonwalk like him(i do it right)oh and ladys who would wanna be startin somethin with me(LADYS ONLY)please give me your number

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