Do you know facts from the order of he phoenix (Harry potter)?

Many, many people think they know every fact about every Harry potter book. But do they? Most if them kind of do. This test is on the fifth book, the order of the phoenix.

Do you have what it takes to ace my quiz? It's actually not that hard....... But can you? Sorry for spelling mistakes I have auto spellcheck. So... Can you solve this quiz?

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1. (it gets harder as it goes) how many pages are there in the order of the phoenix?
2. At grimmauld place, where was rons and harrys room?
First floor, door on the left
Eighteenth floor, seventh door to the right
The cupboard under the stairs
Third floor, first door on the right
3. What did the prophecy say that has to happen in the end?
Voldemort will kill every muggle in the world
Harry will die on the hogwarts express for no reason
Harry or voldemort would have to kill the other
Voldemort would turn good
4. How many chptrs are there in the order of the phoenix?
5. In the order of the phoenix, when voldemort did the killing curse, how did it miss Harry?
It missed Harry?
Killing curse?
Dumbledore comes and moves a statue in it's way
One explanation: voldemort has horrible aim
6. Who was the hogwarts high inquisitor?
Albus dumbledore
Harry potter
Dolores umbride
What is a high inquisitor?
7. What does d.a really stand for and what was the fake name for it?
Stands: Dolores is awesome. Fake: dumbledore is awesome
Stands: delightful apples. Fake: disgusting albus
Stands: defense association. Fake: dumbledores army
8. Why did they need a code name for d.a?
So that dumbledore would let them make the club
So everybody thought they hated albus
So Harry could teach them defense against dark arts
I don't even know what d.a is!
9. How did they get rid of umbridge?
Hermoine did an ultimate hex
Seamus wiped her memory
Centaurs attacked her
Grawp ate her
10. Easy one: who killed Sirius black?
Harry potter
Bellatrix lestrange
He-he-he *weep* he DIES!

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