Do you know a thing about Napolean Bonaparte?

Napolean Bonaparte truly changed world history forever. He helped make the world what it is today. He was a hero in the eyes of some and a villain in the eyes of others. This wondrous man did so much to shape world history it can hardly be described.

How much do you know about this figure of world history? Are you completely clueless as to what Napolean is famous for, or are you a history guru? Think you know a lot about this French hero? Take the quiz and see!

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1. Where was Napolean Bonaparte born?
Paris, France
2. Napolean Bonaparte first started his political career when he returned from a military campaign in what country?
3. Napolean Bonaparte attempted to defeat what country through a trade embargo known as the 'Continental System'.
4. Napolean was humiliatungly defeated by what commander during a huge sea battle?
Lord Bartholomew
Admiral James Aubrey
Archduke Runshteit
Lord Nelson
5. What Russian ruler defied Napolean and rebelled against him?
Czar Phillip II
King George VI
Czar Alexander I
King Louis XIV
6. During Napolean's campaign in Russia soon after, what lost it for him?
The harsh Russian winter
The well trained Russian troops
The hard-to-travel Russian roads
The enormous number of Russian troops
7. Was Napolean's rule before or after the French Revolution?
8. When Napolean was finally defeated, what Island was he exiled to, from which he eventually escaped.
St. Helena
9. When Napolean escaped from captivity, he raised support only to be defeated at what historic battle?
The Battle of Leipzig
The Battle of Moscow
The Battle of Waterloo
The St. Bartholmew's day Massacre
10. Who led the allied French troops against Napolean in this epic battle?
The Duke of Wellington
The Duke of Augsburgh
The Lord of Normandy
The King of France
11. What was the commander's real name?
King Louis XVI
Sir William Allerby
Sir Arthur Wellesly
Price von Metternich
12. What isalnd was Napolean exiled to until his death?
St. Helena
13. Because of his small stature, Napolean Bonaparte became known as the.....
"Squat Emperor"
"Tiny King"
"Little Corporal"
"Miniature Commander"

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