Do You Handle Pain Well?

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Username12341234 said:
Aug 18 '14, 4:28AM

This is so stupid because the first time I took this quiz, it said that I try to get attention for my pain. Then I answer the same exact things except what sport I play and it said I don't let anyone see my pain. Just because I don't play football that automatically makes me an attention seeker.

DarthVader said:
Sep 15 '13, 12:15AM

It wasn't accurate

ceuenfe said:
Jul 11 '12, 9:46PM

i jump off the hill once i was saved by posion vampire barnabas collins he was a my hero

ceuenfe said:
Jul 11 '12, 9:45PM

no i jump in the hill once i was saved by posion vampire

ceuenfe said:
Jul 11 '12, 9:41PM

i dont like pain

flyer586 said:
May 10 '12, 11:06PM

Okay people, don't be mean :-/

Damion0989 said:
Feb 29 '12, 12:18PM

i didn't like this quiz. You see after i realized that pain is connected to life and death i quit caring about it. why would i milk sumthing that i dont care about?

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