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Good listeners and readers are people who hear or read information, and then take it into consideration and use the information that they learned. They also look like they understand what they're saying instead of just saying it.

Are you a good reader? Do you have what it takes to be a disability master? Take this quiz to find out if you are a disability wizard or a master in training.

Created by: Kristen Bohnet
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1. When did the White House become accessible for the use of the disabled?
2. Who came up with the idea of an electric wheelchair?
Harry Jennings
Susan Koefoed
George Klein
3. There are an estimated 39,395,000 people who are in need of accessible transportation in the U.S.
4. "The country is stuck between a rock and a hard spot." Who said this?
Steve Guttenburg
David Dixon
Judith Weatherly
5. How much are you fined for parking in a handicapped zone without a disabled parking permit?
6. Paraplegic means-
Paralysis of all four limbs
Paralysis of both lower limbs
Paralysis of the waist up
7. The Americans with Disabilities Act-
Requires all polling places to be physically nonacceptable
Requires all vans to have a built in ramp that is handicap accessible
Protects disabled Americans rights and prevents discrimination
8. The first wheelchair, called a ____, was made for Phyllip ll of Spain. What was another name for the first wheelchair?
An invalids chair
An inpalids chair
An unvalids chair
9. The Americans with Disabilities Act was established in-
10. Canada is one of the most accessible countries as of now.

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