Dill Mill Gayye Show Quiz

This quiz has been created to test knowledge of all Dill Mill Gayye fans. Here you can test yourself to find out how much you know about Dill Mill Gayye. Also visit Dill Mill Gayye blog for more info.

Simply carry on with the quiz and you will come to know whether you are a true Dill Mill Gayye fan or not. so what are you waiting for.Get started !!! Here are the questions for Dill Mill Gayye quiz.

Created by: Rajkumar of Dill Mill Gayye-'MBBS SE HATKE LOVOLOGY MEIN ATKE'
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1. When did Dill Mill Gayye start ?
21st August
20th August
27th August
22nd August
2. What is the real name of third Riddhima ?
Shilpa anand
Jennifer winget
Sukirti khandpal
3. What is the tag line of Dill Mill Gayye ?
M.B.S.S. Se Hatke Friendship Mein Aatke
Lovology Se Hatke M.B.B.S. Mein Aatke
M.B.B.S. Se Hatke Lovology Mein Aatke
M.B.B.S. Se Hatke TRPs Mein Aatke
4. Till which date did Sukirti khandpal shoot for Dill Mill Gayye ?
10th April
9th April
8th April
14th April
5. What is the real name of Dr. Nikita malhotra?
Drashti dhami
Shweta gulati
Shweta tiwari
Shweta gulia
6. What is the name of Dr. Atul Joshi's father ?
Onkar Joshi
Umesh Joshi
Umesh Joshi
Om Joshi
7. What is the surname of first Dr. Riddhima ?
8. Which was the first scene of Dill Mill Gayye ?
Sun set
Sun rise
Moon light
Sea beach
9. Who was the last moved celebrity of Dill Mill Gayye till date August 12, 2009 ?
Mayank anand
Sukirti khandpal
Sukirti khandpal
Shilpa anand
10. When Riddhima Engaged with Armaan ?
16th April
13th April
17th April
15th April

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