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Haleigh said:
Aug 20 '16, 2:29AM

Determine Your Body Type
Your Result: Mesomorph

The Mesomorph is naturally fit and has a strong advantage over the other two body types. They can gain or lose weight more easily as they so desire. A good healthy diet and exercise will take you great places as you can train harder and do less cardio to get maximal results.




Jwoodz said:
Jul 20 '16, 3:43PM

Jazsmine look forward to the newest quizzes tomorrow

Beautiful123 said:
Jun 11 '16, 10:48PM

Your Result: Ectomorph

The Ectomorph is naturally skinny and has a hard time gaining weight in general. A focus on lean musculature tissue should be the goal of any Ectomorph. Cardio should be kept to a minimum and physical activity should not be overly done. A high caloric intake diet must done often for optimal results.

Jun 2 '16, 1:46PM

They should ban these spammers...

firestar12 said:
Apr 23 '16, 10:03PM


lakeshine said:
Mar 27 '16, 6:24PM

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cxxccxxc said:
Feb 19 '16, 2:38PM

80% extomorph, huh? Nice.

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