Deadly Situations

Have you ever wondered if you survive in dangerous situations? I looked up different situations and found out the right way to come out alive. Yes, i seriously did!

So, are you ready to take the quiz? Beware, it is not for the faint of heart! Find out if you would come out alive or dead in these Dangerous Situations!

Created by: Kirsteen111
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1. You are driving a car over a bridge. Because it is raining, your vehicle spins out of control. You fly off the bridge and into the water beneath. Instantly you try to open the door but you can't because of the water pushing against it is too strong. Water is starting to rush into your car. What do you do? Remember, you only have a small pocket knife with you.
Wait till the car is fully submerged, then open the door
Use the pocket knife to brake the front windsheild
Don't do anything
Keep trying to open the door
2. You are at Burger King. You go up to where you order but, all the sudden, you hear guns being fired. There are four men who are saying "Give us all the cash in the register or this person dies!" The men are pointing at you. What do you do? (You only have a knife
Stab them with my knife!!
Order a whopper
Tell someone to call 911
3. You are in Antarctica and it is in the dead of winter (Don't ask me why). You are walking on ice when you suddenly fall through. Your pulse has just jumped to unsafe levels. Your body is in shock and you are hyperventilating. What do you do?
Order a whopper?
Stay calm and try to get out of the water
Hurry to get out, I don't have much time!!
Wait in the water for 5 mins, then I get out.
4. You are in Africa. You have been seperated from the tour guide. You see a river and want to cross it. There a hippopotimi in it. What do you do?
Kill them all!
Go further up stream to cross
Cross the river
Cautiously near the river, and cross silently
Take pictures
5. You are casually walking in the desert (Im what?) and you see a snake. It has this color pattern, yellow red yellow black. The snak sees you and approaches. What do you do.
It's harmless!! Its' a mimicry of the coral snake.
Get out as fast as I can!!
What was that rhyme again?
6. You are in Europe and see a plant. You dig it you find what looks like carrots. You look at the stem of the plant and it has purple dots on it. Should you eat it?
I.... would want to eat a whopper!!
7. You have a large cut, you don't have a medical kit with you. If you don't sterilize the cut it could get infected and you could have to amputate that limb. There is a tree nearby. You cut into it and decide to use the sap to clean the cut. But the sap is blood red! Is this a good idea?
No way!!
8. You are in Alaska. It is summer and it is warm. You suddenly see a bear and it charges at you!! What do you do?!
Fight it off with my knife!!
Play dead, maybe he'll leave me alone
Act larger then you really are and speak in a regular voice
Act larger than you really are and stare the bear down
Run away!!
9. A big and wild dog is in front of you. Somehow, you've walked him into a corner, thinking it would be a good idea. The dog lunges forward! What do you do?
Stab it with my knife.
Stand my ground and act bigger than I am.
10. You are at the beach and see a great white shark. He is coming at you then he attacks. He bites off the hand that your knife was in. You are in great pain and the shark gets ready to bite again! What do you do?
Punch his nose and poke his eyes!
Umm,... ask him for a whopper!!
Swim away!!
Kick his fin!!

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