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So you want to know who I am, huh? I'm convinced that if you read my blogs, follow me on Twitter, and/or talk to me for approximately twenty minutes, you probably know pretty much all there is to know about me. This first MTV TJ Challenge has encouraged me to put that theory to the test.

So, here it is. A quiz. A quiz to end all quizzes. Ok really, it isn't that epic, but it's pretty good. Test your knowledge to see how well you know Danielle.

Created by: Danielle of Danielle Hohmeier for MTV's First TJ!
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  1. What is my favorite adult beverage?
  2. What is my favorite childhood toy?
  3. What is my favorite Disney movie?
  4. My favorite sunglasses are...
  5. Where is my favorite place in Columbia, Mo.?
  6. Who got me to start blogging?
  7. How do I like to spend my Saturdays?
  8. Who is the hottest guy on LOST?
  9. What was the first CD I ever bought?
  10. What is my favorite musical?

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