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pandicorn2022 said:
Sep 17 '15, 6:02PM

pandicorn2022 said:
Sep 17 '15, 6:01PM

By the way people I got 100% BIG FAN OF SHOW!!!!!!!!

AutismMom06 said:
Aug 28 '15, 2:42AM

Quiz sucks! Not sure how your questions figure anything out. Ive watched every episode and got 0%.

pamela 1330 said:
Aug 7 '15, 1:11AM

Really who doesn't know what criminal minds is I love the show and got 100% yey me

Hardwell said:
Jul 18 '14, 10:54AM

I got 100%, I've watched every episode!!!

vampiresmymuse said:
Apr 30 '12, 10:35AM

100%I'm watching the angel maker episode for the millionth time right now!I love love love criminal minds!

Motsumi78 said:
Sep 18 '11, 10:54PM

What the hell is this? I watched every single episode and I got 0%? The creator is all over the place in this. If I said I started watching with season 1 would I have gotten 100 percent? Or are they anti Reid?

Or if I picked yes to Morgan/Garcia? Yeah... lousy quiz. I know more about Criminal Minds than the creator... They should know that Foyet was killed, the spinoff sucked and was cancelled... and that Hotch was injured in LoFi.

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