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This is a quiz about Coventry City FC in England. They have been an average club in recent years but in the past they have had a decent history. Things like 'Who is the highest top goalscorer in the clubs history' are questions you need to be able to answer.

How much of that history do you actually know? Well put it to the test now and see how you do. Ten questions is all it takes to see if you are a true sky blue!

Created by: Conor Maton
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1. What is the attendance of the Ricoh Arena?
2. When was the last time Coventry played in Europe?
1967-68 season
1987-88 season
1970-71 season
Never been in Europe
3. When did Coventry City form?
4. What was Coventry's nickname before the 'sky blues'?
The singers
The elephants
The bantams
The villans
5. What and when was Coventry's highest attendance at home in their history?
65,861, 1934 v Bury
47,899, 1926 v Sunderland
69,212, 1955 v Aston Villa
51,455, 1967 v Wolverhampton Wanderers
6. Which ex Coventry City player has played the most amount of times for the Sky Blues?
Tommy Hutchison
Richard Shaw
Steve Ogrizovic
Earnie Hunt
7. Who is Coventry's all time top goal scorer?
Michael Mifsud
Tommy Hutchison
Clarrie Bourton
Dixie Dean
8. When was the last time Coventry won a major trophy?
9. How long did Coventry stay in the top flight for?
2 years
19 years
58 years
34 years
10. Which of these ex-Coventry managers played for Coventry?
Jimmy Hill
Peter Reid
Terry Butcher
Ron Atkinson

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