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Do you know your Kominsky from your Comiskey? Do you know your Polish from your Italian? Chicago, the Windy City, the City in a Garden, the City of Big Shoulders - it's the greatest place on earth, and you can take this quiz to find out more about it!

How well do you know the Windy City? This quiz will separate the poseurs from the true Chicago natives, the Schaumburgers from the Rogers Parkers, the Berwynians from the Bridgeporters! Have fun!

Created by: Cathy
1. What is your age?
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3. Which intersection is "0", i.e. the starting point from which all other Chicago addresses are calculated?
Madison and Monroe
Madison and State
Washington and State
State and Monroe
4. Where is Ira Couch buried?
In Lincoln Park.
In Graceland Cemetery.
Under home plate at Wrigley Field.
Under Soldier Field.
5. Why is Midway Airport named Midway Airport?
It's Midway between Indiana and downtown.
It's where the "midway" for the World's Columbian Exposition once stood.
It's named after the Battle of Midway.
It was once the world's largest "stopover" airport, hence, you were "midway" to your destination.
6. What was the original name of the Cubs?
White Stockings
7. In which neighborhood did the Daleys live?
Lincoln Park
Back of the Yards
8. There's a news station in town where the brother of a convicted felon and former Enron bigwig works. Which station is this?
9. Which three beautiful churches are located in the "Polish Patch?"
St. John Cantius, St Mary of the Angels, St. Stan's
St. John Cantius, Holy Trinity, St. Stan's
Holy Name, Holy Trinity, St Mary of the Angels
St. Ita's, St. Ignatius, St. Gertrude's
10. Who gave the homily at St. Sabina's one Mother's Day?
Pope John Paul II
Father John Corapi
The Reverend Al Sharpton
Father Benedict Groeschel
11. What was the airport code of Meigs Field?
12. While we're on the subject, what was the 'proper' pronuncation of Meigs Field?
13. Which of the following is NOT a nickname of Chicago?
The City of Big Shoulders
City of Questionable Politics
City in a Garden
Hogbutcher to the World

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