Could you survive a Chain Letter?

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Elory Chihuahua said:
Aug 16 '15, 11:12AM

I have a new chain letter I made up...
My name is Elory I am 8 and I am a chihuahua. If you don't send this to another quiz I will come and scratch you.

fantasybookworm said:
Jan 22 '13, 8:04PM

What's a chain letter? I'm confused.

Pathabeo said:
Aug 4 '12, 9:54PM

48%... I hardly even get the point of them. Seriously, WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY FOR!? I don't like them and I've never got one so, yeah...

XxSophiacxX said:
Apr 24 '12, 5:38AM

I took it again then i got 52% why the heck would i send that chain to my 3 friends?! wait ill send it to hatest friends.mwahahahaha hahahahahahaha! lets see if they get scared! though nothing scares me already for some reason. well i dont really know but i know theres 3 of them.

XxSophiacxX said:
Feb 17 '12, 4:47AM

i laghed at the word rAdNom because thats what i am
when i had my first chain letter i kept on walking around
but if i was alone i would be screaming around the house
but now i got 78% ha!
eat that chains

Hatshepsut237 said:
Jul 30 '10, 2:43AM

Has anybody heard of of four year old Anessa? She is a perfect example of what chain letters do to people.

Biance said:
Jun 22 '10, 8:34AM

52%,I never got a chain letter in my life!

I like music said:
Feb 7 '10, 5:48AM

59% I've never had a chain letter in my life. :O

carinae said:
Feb 2 '10, 11:43PM


rachcab21 said:
Oct 17 '09, 6:42AM

Hmm...And where is Carrie's username? She isn't on the quiz? :(

rachcab21 said:
Oct 17 '09, 6:40AM

Oops..."I'm gonna kill those chainletters." LOL!

rachcab21 said:
Oct 17 '09, 6:40AM

LOL! Hey! You did spell my name wrong! Thanks Filipino buddy! I had 41%! Whoo hoo! I'm gonna jill those stupid chainletters!

timothy4444 said:
Oct 10 '09, 10:29PM

I see that mistake. Trying to edit it.

Carri04 said:
Oct 10 '09, 8:38PM

ya spelled rachy's name wrong

appayipyip said:
Oct 10 '09, 7:33PM

I like to mock the people who send the letters and chain letters they write.

Bambi said:
Oct 10 '09, 4:10PM

YAY! I was featured on here! XD *Hugs timothy4444*

sassyjag said:
Oct 10 '09, 6:12AM


I have been trying to 'police' those silly chain letters at this site for a while now - telling people that they should knock it off and stick to making some useful comments on quizzes - so I think I deserve 100% chance of surviving! excellent quiz Timothy4444

timothy4444 said:
Oct 10 '09, 5:10AM

I might edit it.

teejay hira said:
Oct 10 '09, 4:22AM

Same here ZAC.I got 44% 2

vanessabutterfly said:
Oct 10 '09, 4:06AM

heyy there =) ummmmm pretty good quiz you got there,keep up the good work buddy LOL xx

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