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cornish-o-meter how cornish do you think you are me ansome. do you know whats in a pasty. why is the cornish flag back and white, what the hell is a pillchard

the pasty should never contain carrot, peas, fish, bacon, cheese sweatcorn or any combination of the above. swede, potatoes, onions, and beef skirt you buggers!

Created by: joncurtis
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3. whats jelberts
a pasty shop in camborne
ice cream shop over newlyn
a gallery down st ives
4. Humphry Davy was
some guy that sniffed nitrous oxide
inventor of the miners saftey lamp
inventor of the pasty slipper
5. who was Richard Trevithick
some bloke from redruth who like going up and down hills in a steam car
baker from heltson that first made a curry pasty
developer of the high pressure steam engine
6. lanyon quoit is
something you would get cream for from the chemist
standing stones up madron
a type of pillchard
7. what does not belong in a pasty
any of these bleddy things
8. goonhilly is
a type of cornish cake made from turnip
a fungal infection of your nether regions
a satellite tracking station down the lizard
9. cornwall starts
chiverton cross roundabout, everything further up is just south devon
that bridge on the a30, where some bellend has painted a scotish flag
10. who does the best fish n chips down falmouth
i can tell you now, it aint f---ing rick steins
the gem fish bar
11. 'righton my ansome' is
a chatup line in a cornish gaybar
a well used greeting
chicken racing track up mevagissey
12. the cornish flag colours come from
the white china clay and the black tin in the granite
we liked the scotish flag but fancied some differnt colours
st piran was a chef down the coldstreamers and liked the trousers
the white tin and the black tin ore
13. who invented the pasty slippers
lord st leven
rick steins
the same bloke that stole the cannon from outside penzance libary
there is no such thing as pasty slippers you bugger
humphry davy

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