There are many people who think that they are very smart... but when it comes t computers and the internet.... no one can defeat me! I bet no one knows what an M3D on a speaker even is! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Do you think that you are smarter than the computer and internet genius? Well don't just linger... Take the quiz! I just hope no one is smarter than me..

Created by: Ramich of rammich.weebly
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  1. The "_______" is the screen that you use the internet on:
  2. What is the MOST POPULAR website other than youtube?
  3. What is the name of the 1ST FASTEST computer in the world?
  4. What is the most visited shopping site?
  5. What Country has the highest internet use?
  6. True or False? Some people with computer speakers have a button on it that says M3D
  7. What does "Caps Lock" do?
  8. In 2003, there was an estimate on how many websites there would be. Their estimate was 3,000,000. Did they reach their goal?
  9. What country has the highest # of websited made?
  10. What is a USB?

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