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  • horned serpent

    sgemaniac Dec 12 '17, 12:35AM
  • horned serpent

    FluffyEtini Jun 2 '17, 10:39PM
  • This is so creepy!This year will be the best year of your life!DON'T STOP READING!!!If you post this on one quiz your mom will say I love you to you.
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    Lexi24 Jul 27 '16, 6:56AM
  • that was fun

    MartySpace Jul 10 '16, 5:16PM
  • Pottermore said I was Pukwudgie but this said I was Wampus...

    SilverOwl125 Jul 6 '16, 6:52PM
  • I got Pukwudgie 74% and Horned Serpent 62% these were my two highest. Pottermore sorted me into Horned Serpent and I think that sounds more like me.

    cheri0427 Jul 4 '16, 10:57AM
  • prefer this over the real pottermore quiz which gave me different houses each time i took it. looking at my answers to the complete quiz, i know see the pattern to the one true house i was meant to be in and that's exactly what was told on here. so thanks for that! i dont find pottermore reliable at all for the 6-7 q's it asks me vs 30 here.

    imsocorkyy Jul 4 '16, 2:25AM

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