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BrokenSpirit said:
Dec 30 '15, 11:00PM

i am not out going and i`m not a talking person i hate talking a hate everything so i am black i think ether way i still don`t care

jujayfourevs said:
Feb 18 '15, 11:04AM

umm you didn't do it right I got green but green is my second color because there are real quizzes on google I made a better one anyways

crazyperson1 said:
Dec 11 '14, 9:15PM

I'm complex and feel divergent a lot and this helped me I'm half orange and half gold weird

awesomecuziam said:
May 9 '12, 8:12PM

i got green then blu then gold. i get along wit maiself.

Lolallday said:
May 9 '12, 4:11PM

i got orange cool quiz

MySake said:
May 9 '12, 2:25PM

Blue: The blue personality is sympathetic, shy, a good listener, and a sincere person. Blues are true friends, so they have true friends as well. However, they also have "leeches". Leeches are people who use the blues because Blues can't say "No". Good companions for Blues are Greens, and Oranges. Golds can be a good companion if in a protecting position of the Blue. View comments for complete listing of Colors.

Green: The Green personality is a deep thinker, this is where creative people and engineers come from. Greens are not shy, but just prefer to be alone. Greens prefer one or two friends. Good companions for the Greens are Blues, and Golds. Greens do not generally like Oranges very much, because Oranges are a bit insincere.

Gold: The Gold personality likes things in order, and perfectly planned. Golds aren't usually creative, instead preferring to do things that have structure -- which is all good, since Golds complete what they start. Golds try to be good friends, but have trouble understanding Blues, and dislike Oranges. Greens make good companions for Golds.

Orange: The Orange personality is outgoing, talkative, good at telling stories, and good at making friends out of total strangers. Unfortunately, because Oranges want to know everybody, they often forget about who is important. Blues will tolerate this, since Oranges are fun, and so will Greens. But Golds and Orange do not get along very well.

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