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ScorpionKing said:
Oct 7 '16, 5:03PM

40%, wow, I love Christmas, and these questions got nothing to do with the holiday. Being with family is important. Singing carols. I may have a low score, but that doesn't mean I don't have the holiday spirit. Fearless1111, I think you do have the Christmas spirit. You too lilfreakgryl. And others who have a low score, you do have the holiday spirit.

paristchefor said:
Nov 11 '14, 7:28PM


I didn't know most of theses.

saidel8 said:
Jun 24 '12, 2:33PM

kind of got bored just did random stuff

PurpleCherries said:
Jun 18 '12, 3:25PM


Yea, I don't focus on the songs.

wolfgrl45 said:
Jul 3 '11, 8:18PM

85%. Nice job.

NeonHotPink said:
Jan 3 '11, 8:05PM

I got a 100%... i guessed on them all... AND I AM JEWISH! XD

sugarnspice22 said:
Jan 1 '11, 3:40PM

Your Christmas lights are glowing...

That' s perverted, man. O.o

Raven11 said:
Dec 24 '10, 9:05PM

sweet im santa in cogneto

bigbunnyfan said:
Dec 22 '10, 9:47AM

Woooow. I got 70%. I not only guessed for half of the answers but I'm JEWISH!!!!!

santa said:
Dec 16 '10, 4:56PM


Biance said:
Dec 15 '10, 5:55PM


sugarnspice22 said:
Dec 8 '10, 8:07PM

Haha Alana, I beat you by 5% ;) (85%, for all you math-haters)

Alana said:
Dec 7 '10, 5:24PM

i got 80% hahah beat dat pplz!!! :D

Fearless1111 said:
Dec 7 '10, 8:58AM

Its sooo werid i used to love and watch all these and could tell you everything about them... but now i barely remember Frosty the snowman... i guess i am not in the hoilday spirit, or i just out grew it :(

timothy4444 said:
Dec 7 '10, 3:54AM

Your Christmas lights are glowing 45%.

Yep! I'll definitely enjoy that.

lilfreakgryl said:
Dec 6 '10, 8:51PM

I wish I had that Christmas spirit I used to have :(

tomboykaitie said:
Dec 6 '10, 7:21PM

30% I love winter and some Christmas stuff, but I'm not a huge fan of it, and couldn't answer half of the questions XD Good quiz 10/10

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