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Our list of hobby quizzes is just beginning to grow. If you have a hobby that you are an expert on, create a quiz about it, and it could end up here on our hobbies page!

Our Hobby Quizzes

  • How much of a gardener are you?
    [by: Renoir_girl, rated: rated: 3.02/5, published: Mar 25, 2007]

    Out in the real world, you can show off your gardening skills through the beauty and bounty…

  • Does Dirt Track Racing Run Your Life?
    [by: Christie, rated: rated: 4.15/5, published: Feb 8, 2007]

    Okay race fans. Here is a test to see just how involved in dirt track racing you really…

  • Are you a REAL glider pilot?
    [by: Chris Davison, rated: rated: 3.25/5, published: Nov 21, 2013]

    There are glider pilots and then there are REAL glider pilots, but what kind of pilot are you? Find…

  • Which chess champion are you?
    [by: Crazychessplaya, rated: rated: 3.06/5, published: May 1, 2009]

    Emanuel Lasker, Jose Raul Capablanca, Alexander Alekhine, Mikhail Tal, Tigran Petrosian, Robert…

  • How bad is your crochet addiction?
    [by: FearlessLeader, rated: rated: 2.93/5, published: May 1, 2012]

    Crochet has long been known to be a soothing leisure art. In today's madcap dash about, stress…

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