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California is the most populous state in the union. How much do you know about California? Try these tests and find out!

Our California Quizzes

  • How Los Angeles, California are you?
    [by: Mayra, rated: rated: 3.65/5, published: Jun 23, 2006]

    Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is known for many great things... great restaurants, the…

  • Are You Fresno Or Fres-yes?
    [by: Rob, rated: rated: 3.45/5, published: Jan 26, 2007]

    Fresno. Sixth largest city in California. Star of the San Joaquin. Jewel of the Sierras. Gateway…

  • How Fresno, California Are You?
    [by: Kara, rated: rated: 3.14/5, published: Jun 18, 2006]

    Tri tip is an important part of the Fresno culture! Do you know where it comes from? Fresno…

  • how much cali is in your blood
    [by: carrie, rated: rated: 2.71/5, published: Sep 5, 2006]

    There is a lot of good and facinating states out there in the big old USA. My favorite state is…

  • how oakland are you?
    [by: dave, rated: rated: 2.5/5, published: Aug 12, 2006]

    theres about 200 and something thousand people in the city of oakland. better known as "the town". from the…

  • Are You a Northern Or Southern Californian
    [by: Cynara, rated: rated: 2.38/5, published: Jun 23, 2006]

    There are many recognized great cultural divides. There is Western Culture vs. Eastern…

  • Are you a Northern or Southern Californian
    [by: cynara, rated: rated: 2.16/5, published: Jun 22, 2006]

    There are many recognized great cultural divides. There is Western Culture vs.…

  • How Californian are you?
    [by: Momma, rated: rated: 1.93/5, published: Nov 16, 2006]

    So many people want to be Californian. But little do they know, it takes more than shopping at PacSun to…

  • How California are You?
    [by: Jeri, rated: rated: 1.89/5, published: Jul 18, 2006]

    California: the Golden State. Or the Granola State -- take your pick. (What ain't fruits and nuts is…

  • How Californian are you?
    [by: Jace, rated: rated: 1.86/5, published: Nov 29, 2006]

    Do you know if your roots are from California? Do you think you are an expert on California? Take the…

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