can you survive a nulear holocaust?

there are alot of people out there but how many can say they will survive a nuclear holocaust.Are you going to sit there and die or are you going to make an effort to survive

Do you have what it takes to survive? or will you perish along with half the world. Take this quiz and find out if you are going to be a true survivor

Created by: ian
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3. you hear on the tv that north korea just nuked a city near you.What do you do?
sit there and keep watching tv
go tell your parents and head to the basement
look on the internet for the nearest safe zone
go out and loot sh!%
4. your best friend lives near the nuked city what do you do?
go and try to save them
they are screwed just forget about them
stay at your house
gather supplise and forget it
5. OH NO you find your parents dead of a heart attack and you have to get out of the house. What do you do when you get outside?
get the keyes of your moms car and haul@$$
steal little timmys bike
try to hitch a ride with neighbors
start running
6. you find a grocery store.What supplise do you get?
get alot of water and protein food
stock up on oreos
steal the cash register
go for the canned food
7. you see a cute puppy and it is all alone.what do you do?
pick up the puppy and keep going
curb stomp the puppy because you like cats
throw the puppy some oreos and keep moving
ignore it
8. a hobo is after your supplies how do you fend them off?
offer them some food
curb stomp the hobo
a swift kick to the testes
try to run away
have an oreo licking contest
9. you see a bomb drop in the distance. you....
stop and stare at its trancendant glory
dont pay attention and keep going
try to find cover from the aftershock
have an oreo licking contest with the hobo
10. you get to an arfield and and find a comercial plane with room for only 1 person left?you....
hurry and run to the plane
push little timmy and his granny out of the plane to make room for you and the hobo
gracefully let someone else onboard
offer some oreos to the pilot to let you on
11. a bomb blows up near the plane and its going down. how do you get out?
sit there and cry
jump out and hope you live
throw the puppy out first to see if its safe
use the hobo as a landing pad to soften the blow of jumping out
get angry and punch little timmy
12. you manage to get out of the plane but see a bomb directly above you.what are your last words?
PRAISE ALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
fu&%!%$ BIT@&
mommy im coming!!!
look dad, no hands!
wow (and then punch little timmy)

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