Can you Handle being a millionaire?

dude i have to write some stuff. i dont want to b/c i already explained it a million times in the results. lol... have fun with this quiz and take some other fun ones on this website!:)

dude i have to write some stuff. i dont want to b/c i already explained it a million times in the results. have fun with this quiz and take some other fun ones on this website!:):)

Created by: angelina
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Ok, so you own a million buckaroo's. What now?
save 'em for college, kids, future
Spend on a better life (i.e, home, car, landscaping, etc)
give to charity churches
give to my family members
eat it
4. This months bill totals up to 130,000 dollars. thats including everything except mortgage. ....And thats another 20,000. how do you pay?
Dont ask me...ask my financial advisor
My parents will take care of it i have to pay?
thats way TOO much money, I'll leave
pay for it
dont pay for it, then end up with a low credit score
5. All these creditors and real estate agents keep bothering you and you are going crazy. you tell them to...
F*** off!
dude, im not going to ask you again.
I wont have these problems, my guards will make sure of that
answer their questions and patiently sweep them away
6. What's with these haters?
I dont care
where there's love, there's hate
kiss my a**
haters? everyone loves me!
If they have anything to say, say it to my face...
7. How would you spend your weekends?
spending, spending, spending
with my bf/gf
with my friends and/or family
on a exotic beach near my 800,000$ beach house
traveling to other countries
looking at the new 2010 ferrari's
8. How do you feel about poor people?
they wouldnt like me. im too rich
awww how sad
i'd spare them some money, food
they are dumb lazy hobos!
dirty, low class, not my kind
in need of a good bath, and some common sense
9. If you were something other than a human, what would you be?
A butterfly-beautiful and free
A lambergini-fast and expensive
uhhh...but then i wouldnt be rich!
i'd be a peice of paper
a human
an alien-foregin and funky
10. millioaire or billionaire?
neither--rich filty pigs
I would want to be a zillionaire
i dont like money. too many headaches and fame
11. I would own...
a mansion, cars, beach homes, studios, penthouses, diamonds, etc
the heart that beats within me
whatever i have left after spending all of it on stupid things
nothing. i hate the rich
Not everything, but things that would make me feel comfortable
12. true or false---money is earned and spent, rather than earned and salvaged
whats salvaged?
i dunno
i love money ppl's!
13. would you like to be rich?
i am rich
i am poor, i would like to be rich
i think i would be able to handle the fame, and the rich life
yes yes yes!
no i hate the rich, and i hate being rich
14. did you like this quiz?
it was fun
it was stupid
money hahahaha money *drool*
dumb quiz
i loved it!
its ok. kinda didnt make sense

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