Buddhist Revision Guide 1: Buddha begins!

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Bipana stha said:
Sep 4 '14, 12:07PM

Buddha was born in Nepal !!! Actually Im well known about buddha...

Silvereight said:
Jul 2 '12, 2:44PM

i really should study more because i really want to learn about religion. i know this was mostly for you and your friends, but thanks for making this quiz. this could help a lot of people.

Hunteriscool said:
Jan 25 '11, 3:37PM

90% :D

and wow, hikky took this quiz

fox_girl said:
Dec 3 '10, 12:01AM

I'm not watching the Simpsons! It's Futurama! :p Nice quiz. I got a 40% Guess I need to study up on Buddhism a little more :)

Hikaru Katsu said:
Oct 6 '09, 7:20PM

Oh yeah, I just wnated to say that, back then, Buddha was considered from India, but he was from today's country of Nepal.

Hikaru Katsu said:
Oct 6 '09, 7:19PM

Got 90%. Yay, I'm on the path to enlightenment.

xamyxlloydx said:
Jan 11 '08, 6:30AM

this quiz is very gd!
im doing Buddhism for A Level and I have found it of great use to me!

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