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CherryOnTheTop said:
Nov 18 '17, 1:52PM

OMG 100% right brained!!!
And I was completely honest with my answers!

cxxccxxc said:
Feb 12 '16, 8:13AM

82% Left?... Makes sense!

OnMyKnees said:
Oct 31 '15, 3:55PM

87% right brain.

cyber_kitty437 said:
May 31 '15, 4:35PM

Don't do this comment thing, it doesn't work, just did it.... Don't do it, just wasted 3 minutes of life... just don't

MCD11 said:
Apr 3 '15, 8:52AM

got right brain... and i'm going to make sure my next partner would be a left-brain so that i could ace my grades

Say wha said:
Mar 5 '15, 1:35AM

76% Right and 76% Left.... Ok..... Do I use both the same????

rhimicha said:
Jan 27 '15, 7:33PM

I got Left brained result, but seriously, the description is hard to understand. Either it needs puncuation, or it was just written weirdly. Idk but nice quiz anyway.

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