This Mini Black History Quiz is presented by Hugh Gaddy, President/Founder of BLACK IN TIME ENTERPRISES. How much do you know about Black History? Test your self. You may be surprised by the results.

The questions are designed to be challenging. Have fun with them. Learn from them. I hope this quiz will inspire and motivate you to learn all you can about the accomplishments of a people who have contributed greatly to America and the world.

Created by: Hugh
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1. What Singer Was Known As The "Empress Of The Blues?"
Billie Holiday
Bessie Smith
Ma Rainey
Florence Mills
2. The Tulsa Oklahoma Business Community known As "Black Wall Street" Was Modeled After What Southern City's Successful Black Business District?
Birmingham, Alabama
Jackson, Mississippi
Memphis, Tennessee
Durham, NC
3. Which Of The Following Is NOT An African Proverb
"One falsehood spoils a thousand truths"
"It takes a villaige to raise a child"
"No one tests the depth of the river with both feet"
"Bad News Travels Fast"
4. The Missouri Compromise Of 1820 Allowed The State Of Missouri To Enter The Union As A Slave State. What State Was Allowed To Enter The Union As A Free State?
5. Who Is Credited With Creating The Term, "Black Power?"
James Brown
Kwame Ture
Angela Davis
Huey P. Newton
6. Who Was The First African American Graduate From West Point Military Academy?
Henry O. Flipper
Benjamin O. Davis, Sr.
Carl Brashear
Daniel "Chappy" James
7. Charles Patterson Is America's First Black Manufacturer Of What?
Golf Bags
8. Who Invented The Gong & Signal Chair, Used In The U.S. House Of Representatives To Summon Pages?
Miriam E. Benjamin
Bessie Coleman
Mary Church Terrell
Sarah Breedlove
9. Who Was The First African American Woman To Win The American Society Of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) Pop Music Songwriter Of The Year Award?
Aretha Franklin
Natalie Cole
Beyonce Knowles
Whitney Houston
10. The "Black Valentino?" Is The Nickname Associated With What African American Movie Star?
Denzel Washington
Lorenzo Tucker
Sidney Poiter
Terrence Howard

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