Big Brum Quiz of the Year 2008

So what happened in Birmingham in 2008? Did Mike Whitby sell Mr Egg to a passing Chinese tourist, did anyone find our how to get to Aston from Spaghetti Junction without driving halfway to Sutton and doing a U-turn?

Twenty-four questions, two for each month will sort the saft from those as brainy as a brain sandwich. The winner can has brumburger, the loser must forever dine at MacDonalds on "the ramp"

Created by: jonbounds
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1. In January, Brummie of the Year 2005, Babu the escaping red panda went to live in Scotland. Which other famous Birmingham animal also now lives in Scotland?
Ebony, the dog whose paw print can be found in Victoria Square.
King Kong, the statue from the old Bull Ring shopping centre.
Babu's brother Tensing.
The papier mache T-Rex from the Natural History Museum.
2. In January, the police sent a letter to which Brummie pub warning them that “there is clear evidence in the premises…of numerous people who are drunk/intoxicated”?
The Spotted Dog, Digbeth
The Rock, Alum Rock
The Mercat, Birmingham City Centre
The Prince of Wales, Moseley
3. In February, Brum was "rocked" by a earthquake — but the epicentre was some miles away. Which village (seemingly out of a Two Ronnies sketch) was nearest to the middle of the 'quake?
Chorlton cum Hardy
Lickey End
4. In February, Brum Council workers went on strike — protesting about how officials had handled the "single status" transition. How many strikers rallied in Victoria Square?
5. In March, Birmingham was named "weirdest place in the UK" - but what was the clinching arguement?
Martians dropping in for mince pies at the Rowley Regis home of Jean Hingley.
Someone getting served in under 20 minutes in the Bacchus Bar
Ghostly goings on in the laurel bushes in Highbury Park
Pete the Feet was seen in shoes.
6. In March, Yates's Wine Lodge closed its drunken doors. Which Brum pub of these four _didn't_ shut in 2008
The Hill
The Mercat
The Spotted Dog
The Station, Moseley
7. In April, a man ram-raided a Balsall Common supermarket — naked. Except for what item of clothing?
His nan's hair rollers
His dad's pants
His mum's bra
His girlfriend's UGG boots.
8. On April 1st, Vale Mail announced that Castle Vale would be hosting an event in the 2012 Olympics (we think this was a joke, but just maybe…). But what was the event?
Beach Volleyball
20Km Walk
9. The Jug of Ale closed in May, who played the final gig?
The Beat
Misty's Big Adventure
Dumpy's Rusty Nuts
10. Which Birmingham politician released a single in May 2008?
"Sunshine" John Hemming
"Mr" Mike Whitby
"Lol" Deirdre Alden
"Hi I'm" Martin Mullaney
11. June, and Selly Park saw Birmingham's first Barrio Fiesta - organised by the Filipino Association of Birmingham. Part of the festivities was a game of "Pera O Bayong", which is a version of which TV gameshow?
Play Your Cards Right
Deal or No Deal
Pets Win Prizes
Supermarket Sweep
12. In June the Scientologists bought the Pitmaston building on Moor Green Lane, in Moseley. Where is thier current Brum base?
Ethel Street
Corporation Street
Temple Row
On top of Selfridges
13. In July, Lynne Jones MP suggested that parliamentarians shouldn't shop from "the John Lewis list" but from which Brummagem outlet?
M Latif and Sons
International Stock, Kings Heath
In Shops at the One Stop Shopping Centre
14. July saw the release of the second Birmingham Post Power 50 – who did your BiNS host beat into 15th place?
Steve Dyson, Birmingham Mail
Clive Dutton, Birmingham City Council (aka Chucky from Rugrats)
Suzie Norton, Screen West Midlands
Mohammed Naseem, Birmingham Central Mosque
15. August saw John Mostyn reveal his findings about whether Birmingham was England's highest city. He'd been bugging the Ordinance Survey people for a long time. It wasn't, it was fourth. Which city was revealed to be the highest above sea level?
16. August was the month that the City Council put a picture of Birmingham, Alabama on a leaflet. But what excuse did they give when being laughed out of town?
"it wasn't us it was Capita"
"it's not a mistake, it's just a 'generic' city skyline"
"we emailed the right picture to the printers, something must have gone wrong with the computator"
"we thought that the photographer's expenses were high"
17. Which "comedian" did WM's Les Ross upset to the point of them walking out of an interview in September?
Frank Skinner
Omid Djalili
Frank Sidebottom
Hardeep Singh Kohli
18. September held what every paper is contractually obliged to call "the pub oscars" — the Best Bar None awards. Bar Risa came top in Brum, but which Birmingham boozer won "most improved venue"?
The Three Horseshoes, Stirchley
The Three Horseshoes, Coventry Rd
The Rock, Alum Rock
The Mercat, City Centre
19. October saw the first Birmingham Half Marathon. Who won?
Dave Healey
Andi Jones
Dave Harte
Paula Radcliffe
20. The final day of the Tory Party Conference was 1st October 2008 — which Brum lapdancing club made a lot of publicity out of inviting the right-wingers for a cut price jig?
The Rocket Club
Tricky Dicky's
Legs 11
21. On the eleventh of November a fair few stupid people spent 11 hours on the 11C bus. How many bus stops are on a complete circuit of the outer circle?
22. Adam Smith (aka Steve Zacharanda) spent a very drunken night covering the US Presidential Elections in November. But in which city was he slumped against a wall typing?
Birmingham, Alabama
New York
23. In December, Mike Whitby proposed a "Bank of Birmingham" - what year did the old Municipal Bank shut?
24. Which "robot" (for which read man in costume) stars with John Barrowman in the Hippodrome's panto this year?
R2 D2

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