Are you worthy of Sam Winchester?

"Supernatural" is a show featuring the Winchester brothers: Sam and Dean. This quiz is for the fangirls. How well do you know Sam? Are you worthy of him?

This quiz was created by the staff at supernatural fans We hosted a crossover event of "The Bachelor: Winchester Style", to find the best match for the boys.

Created by: Janet of Devoted Fans Network
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1. In the Pilot, Sam and Jessica...
Broke up
Got engaged
Got a late night intruder
Had a hot shower scene
2. Sam pranked on Dean in "Hell House". What did he do?
Nair in Dean's shampoo
Put glue on his beer
Painted the Impala hot pink
Hid his shotgun
3. Sam had an appointment in the "Pilot" he needed to keep. It was:
A date with Jess
His law school interview
A college exam
An audition for a play
4. Sam has a power. What is it?
He sees dead people
He can control demons
He is super strong
He has visions of future events
5. Sam and his dad...
Were close
Fought like hell
Spoke on the phone monthly
Both loved pancakes
6. Sam had a sex scene in...
What is and What Nevers Should Be
7. Sam's most prized possession is his...
Baby blanket
Barbara Striesand fake ID
8. Sam did NOT say which of the following in AHBL Part 2?
I remember you running towards me
Are you that screwed in the head?!
What do you think my job is?
I won't make that mistake again
9. Sam is part of a group of "soldiers". Who are the other psychics?
Ava, Andy, Jack, Lucy
Lily, Ava, Mark, Jonathan
Jake, Lily, Jonathan, Eva
Ava, Jake, Lily, Andy
10. Sam wants...
A normal life
A life on the road
One glorious slice of pie
His Papa back

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