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Stardust1 said:
Jul 24 '17, 3:02PM

An ok quiz. Wish you would stop with the exclamation marks. The results were nice to me though, so thanks.

otty said:
Mar 20 '16, 3:56PM


Kaithekitten said:
Oct 13 '14, 5:46PM

Worst quiz ever. Dips--- you can't spell to save your life. And we really want to know physical attraction not whats on the inside. Even then you did a bad job of that because there were only TWO QUESTIONS about your personality. This was a waste of all of our times.

Kaithekitten said:
Oct 13 '14, 5:44PM

otty said:
Jul 26 '14, 7:24PM


ocean said:
May 18 '13, 11:00PM

You may not be the best looking on the outside, but are beautiful on the inside and that's what counts! You are a good friend and are a nice person! So no matter what you look like on the outside be proud!

:) Thanks! BEST. QUIZ. EVER!

BadBihh said:
Jan 31 '13, 8:50PM

You are beautiful and ugley on the inside!
78%The outside doesn't matter! It's the inside that does! You are really not ugley nor beautiful on the inside! You are sort of inbetween! But it doesn't matter no one's perfect and your better than the people who are incredibley beautiful on the outside and ugley on the inside.

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