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Stardust1 said:
Jul 24 '17, 3:02PM

An ok quiz. Wish you would stop with the exclamation marks. The results were nice to me though, so thanks.

otty said:
Mar 20 '16, 3:56PM


Kaithekitten said:
Oct 13 '14, 5:46PM

Worst quiz ever. Dips--- you can't spell to save your life. And we really want to know physical attraction not whats on the inside. Even then you did a bad job of that because there were only TWO QUESTIONS about your personality. This was a waste of all of our times.

Kaithekitten said:
Oct 13 '14, 5:44PM

otty said:
Jul 26 '14, 7:24PM


ocean said:
May 18 '13, 11:00PM

You may not be the best looking on the outside, but are beautiful on the inside and that's what counts! You are a good friend and are a nice person! So no matter what you look like on the outside be proud!

:) Thanks! BEST. QUIZ. EVER!

BadBihh said:
Jan 31 '13, 8:50PM

You are beautiful and ugley on the inside!
78%The outside doesn't matter! It's the inside that does! You are really not ugley nor beautiful on the inside! You are sort of inbetween! But it doesn't matter no one's perfect and your better than the people who are incredibley beautiful on the outside and ugley on the inside.

godmadeubeautifl said:
Dec 16 '12, 10:06PM

to everyone who thinks of this quiz as bad: it says you MAY not be beautiful on the outside. we all should know we're beautiful on the outside because God made us special in our own way. the MAY was put in there to let you decide if your beautoful, not them. so you choose. thanx 4 reading!

stephanie24 said:
Nov 5 '12, 12:46AM

It doesn't matter if your beautiful from the outside all it matter's is if someone likes you the way you are.

kristine_192 said:
May 12 '12, 4:56AM

Who cares if you got that your beautiful on the inside?
You girls are all stupidly obsessed with your looks.
Just f--- off.
Thes e girly girls these days are getting on my nerves!

CupcakeRice said:
Dec 22 '11, 1:33PM

Worst quiz ever :(

ocean said:
Dec 1 '11, 6:41PM

Are you ugly quiz
Your Result: Beautiful on the inside!

You may not be the best looking on the outside, but are beautiful on the inside and that's what counts! You are a good friend and are a nice person! So no matter what you look like on the outside be proud!

thats better than being pretty on the outside thank you! ;)

hate u said:
Nov 28 '11, 9:32PM

your morons. if you were so confident that you where actually beautiful then you wouldn't be even taking this test. deep down inside you realize just how repulsive you are to the outside world and nobody loves you or would ever be with you. i know.

priscilla26 said:
Oct 7 '11, 10:39PM

so are you saying we look ugly in the outside and good in the inside you can not tell what we are or not god made me us the world and you are gonna break a little girl heart by saying this >:( im never gonna take this quiz again

bubblegirl said:
Aug 24 '11, 3:40PM

WHAT? I am really beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside? I donated a month's phone credit to help children in poverty for UNICEF! I am a model but that does not mean that I am selfish! But I am happy that my exterior is beautiful!

rainbowstar said:
Aug 5 '11, 5:32PM

it said i was ugly on the outside i dont realy get it

kalli said:
Jan 27 '11, 1:07AM

this is a stupid quiz, it just made me feel bad :( it said i was beautiful on the inside. that's it

JExLikesxRandy said:
Oct 28 '10, 1:01AM

Well, it says Im beautiful on the inside. But hey, thats good! Who cares about looks? Looks aren't everything. We didn't even choose how we were to look when we were born, we were just made! So big deal! I'd rather be "ugly" but have a great personality than to be some good looking female dog who has an ugly personality. I dont think we need to let a quiz bring us down or tell us wether we are ugly or not. IM HAPPY JUST THE WAY I AM LOVE ME OR HATE ME! YOU EITHER LIKE ME FOR WHO I AM OR ELSE LEAVE ME ALONE. :') I may not be the best looking person in the world but I still am awesome and Im HAPPY. :D

RoyalBeauty98 said:
Jul 19 '10, 3:43AM

This quiz is wrong!I am beautiful on the outside and inside.They're just trying to make us feel bad. :(

hihihi said:
Jul 17 '10, 4:42PM

I'm ugly :(

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