Are you smarter than a Let 3 and 4?

There are many people thinking that they are smarter than a Let 3 and Let 4. But they just don't know that their not. Maybe it's you i'm talking about.

Are you smarter than a Let 3 and Let 4??? Do you know the right answers to the questions??? Try this quiz and find out.. Maybe you are smarter than a Let 3 and Let 4.

Created by: Sarah of JROTC
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1. What instrument is used to read a grid azimuth on a map?
A compass.
A protractor.
A ruler.
A stick.
2. The difference between a back azimuth and a forward azimuth is how many degrees?
180 degrees
140 degrees
90 degrees
45 degrees
3. How many Norths are indicated on a military map?
4. How many degrees are there in a circle?
180 degrees
360 degrees
45 degrees
90 degrees
5. What type of uniform is normally worn during ceremonies, social functions, and formal inspections?
The Class B Uniform
The Class A Uniform
6. During drill, what is the length of a normal step?
30 inches
25 inches
15 inches
20 inches
7. How many stops per minute are required for double time?
120 steps per minute.
360 steps per minute.
140 steps per minute.
180 steps per minute.
8. What is the correct name for the JROTC torch?
The torch.
The JROTC torch.
The Corps Insignia.
The Corps.
9. What are the five basic map colors?
Red, Blue, Green, Brown, and Black.
Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, and Black.
Red, Purple, Orange, Brown, and Black.
Pink, Purple, Green, Brown, and Black.
10. What is the key to success in the JROTC program?

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