are you smarter than a fifth grader?

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LilBit224 said:
Nov 14 '17, 9:48PM

HA HA!! I got 70% and I am in 4th grade!

FluffyEtini said:
Jul 15 '17, 9:30PM


N1N1N1 said:
Jan 3 '17, 8:11AM

All the answers he/she put in as "right" were, in reality, WRONG. I am the 2nd smartest 5th grader in the grade! So do not, I repeat, do not tell me 60 was "wrong"

otty said:
Oct 27 '16, 7:17PM

40 and i'm in highschool! listen, brat! ur in 2nd grade

begg18 said:
Aug 23 '16, 8:29PM

50 Eh, Im in 4th goin into fith I'll try again in a month.

SirGermaphobe said:
Jul 25 '16, 11:30PM

i'm a 7th grader with 100 percent that was easy af

TheMagic12321 said:
Jul 20 '16, 1:55PM

I'm an English fifth grader and I got 70%

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