Are you smarter than a 6th Grader

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Private eye said:
Jun 30 '13, 12:33PM

Sixth graders are not brats,you dick head!

HPFreak123567 said:
Oct 7 '11, 3:02AM

You are 93% smarter than a 6th grader!

You're a genius!You know all you're facts there is no need to go to school for you!Don't stop learning now keep on going you might be the next einstein!

ok im in seventh grade but i am more than 93% smarter than lil 6th graders and juss cuz i am smarter than a sixth grader don't make me not need to go to school anymore cuz 6th grade is still elementary school so they not even halfway done wit school.. but other than this good quiz :)

beloud said:
Sep 21 '10, 7:02PM

The quiz writer has only a nodding acquaintance with english grammar.

booknerd67 said:
Jun 26 '10, 11:07PM

jkatef sixth graders ARENT brats ur the brat for saying they are

whatev said:
Jun 8 '10, 11:59AM

I'm a 5th grader and i got 79%. I'm almost 11.

HappyHaley11 said:
Mar 16 '10, 12:03AM

6th Graders are NOT little nor brats!

BTW: 6th graders hate people who think that they are little bratz!

lrae0123 said:
Oct 7 '09, 12:40PM

Who wrote this quiz? We are in the THIRD millenium. Think about it. Years 1-1000 were the first, 1001-2000 the second, and 2001-3000 the THIRD. DUH!

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