Are You Smarter Than A 6th Grader?

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MeepStar47 said:
Oct 23 '15, 11:13PM

I'm a seventh grader. But I never learned this stuff. But somehow I got a B. Cool quiz. I loved doing it :)

bobbyshmurda said:
Sep 29 '14, 3:18PM

You Got A 100% Go Down And Check You'r Test Score Are You Smart Or


Ok you offically smarter than a 6th grader you got almost all the questions write yeah good for you you passed the test!!! A+++ 100 hard as heck not even 6th grade questions.

Frostire said:
May 20 '14, 7:16AM

I got 70% and I AM a 6th grader. I didn't learn most of that stuff.

bubbleycutie said:
Mar 3 '12, 3:15AM

HPFreak123567 Wow, you don't even know how to capitalize correctly and that's what your saying. I got a 90, where are you from? That place isn't well educated considering your spelling and punctuation. So you didn't mention you got the presidents award,I did by the way that's what you get when you get all A's in elementary school. Also this is how you capitalize, got that?

HPFreak123567 said:
Oct 7 '11, 3:11AM

You Got A 50% Go Down And Check You'r Test Score Are You Smart Or

Still Not as smart as a 6th grader but you're getting close you got a "D". Really close sort of not really in a dumb sort of way!!! 50%

uhm im in 7th grade and at top of my class so no lil elementary schooler is smarter than me! and just so you know, all the way through elementary school ive gotten all a's on my report card..

Christs Child said:
Jan 25 '10, 6:20PM

wow. im in eighth grade and got 60%. in my school thats BARELY passing! D-! pretty sad...

awesome quiz! :)

iluvnickjonas said:
Aug 13 '09, 7:48PM

i got 80% but ive already been in 6th grade and passed

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