Are You Smarter Than A 6th Grader?

This is the altimate test made by a 6th grader that goes to FT.McCOY School 6th grade if you pass you are smarter than a 6th grader if you dont then i feel pretty bad for you!!!

Ok are you smarter than a 6th grader take this test if you think you are.ARE YOU ARE YOU ARE YOU ARE YOU ARE YOU ARE YOU ARE YOU ARE YOUARE YOU ARE YOU ARE YOU ARE YOU ARE YOU ARE YOU ARE YOU ARE YOU

Created by: Danielle
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1. What Is An Isthmus?
An animal with pointy horns
A yellow flower that attracts butterflys
A narrow strip of land with water on both sides
A religion
2. What Is Precipitation?
A type of cloud
A languge native americans speak
A cool book
Any form of water that falls from clouds
3. What Is Pulsar?
You'r Pulse
A Fast Spinning neutron star
A type of batterie that runs on fuel
A flower
4. Ok You'll Never Guess This One What Is A Zenith?
A planet in a far far away galaxy
A point in the sky directly above an observer
A mineral made of different materials that make false gold
A mineral
5. Last Question Do You Know What A Benthos Is?
An organisim on the bottom of the sea
An object so massive light cannot escape it
A type of mint
A fossil of a dinosaur
6. Do You Know What This Spanish Word Means nucleo?
7. What Are The Six Layers Of The Earth In Order?
Mesosphere, Lithosphere, Crust, Inner Core,Outer Core, Asthenosphere.
Don't Even Know What They Are!
Outer Core, Inner Core.
Crust, Lithosphere, Asthenosphere, Mesosphere, Outer Core, Inner Core.
8. Answer This Math Problem 1/5 x ? = 1
A Math Problem
9. What Does Pi Equal?
10. When Is Pi Day?
Feb. 24
Aug. 17
Sep. 3
Mar. 14

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